Fabuwood�s items are top quality Chinese imports that somewhat outshine domestically built kitchens of the identical price area. It�s hard to feel, when faced with the splendor of Fabuwood cabinetry, our wooden merchandise is significantly less expensive than domestically generated particleboard kitchens.

Over just a purchase, connections with us are a custom design expertise. With selections and several wrinkles to choose from, we have a kitchen for every buyer. From classic to modern, classic to timeless, it is found by you�ll at Fabuwood.
Fabuwood has five lines of cabinets provided at affordable rates:

Common- Your Classic assortment is everything you�ve ever wished-for in a home. Featuring leading edge style and cosmetic touches that are elegant, these are not simply conceptual dreams: these are dreams taken to life.

Nexus- The Nexus series is one-of our most popular cupboard selections, giving many characteristics which our clients appreciate. Natural completed inside and full overlay doors will be the major causes that folks chose Nexus.

Prima- A Western style contemporary home, supplying dozens of accessible improvements, indicates a custom kitchen for every single buyer. A sleek look, composed of the quality you�ve come to assume, charges the Prima a premier consumer choice.

Value- a classy and affordable option, the Worth collection provides category with no cost. Aimed toward the innovative yet affordable, these kitchens are the top of line-in resilience and design. Favored by contractors and landlords, our Benefit collection is an elegant, however sensible alternative.

Geneva- Manufactured From clean white thermo foil, the convenience of our Geneva�s design is what makes it esthetically pleasing. A sophisticated home, the Geneva is a favorite of contractors and contractors nationwide.